Took me a day to read this book. It draws you in and then it doesn’t let go

It really is a beautiful imagining of words and thoughts and jumbles. The pictures are authentic and quite breathtaking. I found myself looking at them again and again..

The overall story (without spoilers!) is surprising, it starts sinply enough, almost mundane in its ordinariness. Then it steps up, ever so slightly and increases in tiny, wee extraordinary little steps until boom! You’re in, consumed, sucked into the weirdness of the story and you’re wishing and hoping and empathising and wanting and there right alongside, inside the book, breathing the air of it. 

Then it’s over. The end rushes in, and it’s hurried, it feels like everything was building towards not this end but an end elsewhere in another book, a different story, you know there’s more to come and it just falls away. Crumbling like a cliff into the sea – you can see it was there and you can see the shape of what’s to come but you can’t quite reach it yet. 

Which is why I’m definitely going to read the next book in the series, Hollow City and the follow up, Library of Souls

Reviews to come. 👍