A snapshot of life as a single mum with mental health issues, 6 children (most with special needs), and 4 cats. It’s never dull! 


35. Rotund, lover of cake. Painter. Attempter of things. Mama to the bone. I battle demons in my spare time.


17. Studies engineering. Mostly made of hair. There’s an anxious young man in there somewhere. 


15. ASD. Big man. Three great loves – His mama, His Xbox One, food. In that order.


11. ASD, dyspraxia, dyslexia, some SPD in there too. Fearless and funny. Possible evil genius. 


8. Dinosaur wannabe. Awaiting diagnosis. Goes to a special needs school. Tactile, a bit weird. Never gives up, never surrenders. Loud.


6. Real little sweetheart. Unique, kind hearted angel with the dirtiest giggle. Undergoing diagnosis. 


3. Arch nemesis (everyone’s). Destroyer of all things, stealer of hearts, eater of souls. Long haired Tarzan. Mamas obsession. Just been referred for SALT.