I can’t seem to shake it. I’m so tired. I went shopping this morning and I’ve done all my chores and the big lads have done the garden and the smalls and I made marshmallow krispie cake and rocky road cake and mini rocky road cakes. We melted chocolate and made a mess and cleaned it up again. I bought stuff to make pancakes with but I haven’t made the batter yet although I may do in advance of making the actual pancakes. Everyone loves pancakes in my house. And that makes me smile, and hugely… but I’m tired.

I’m so tired. I slept pretty well and I had a great weekend but I’m headachey and body achey and feeling sore. I’ve spent the last hour laying on the couch cos am cold but I’m not warming up and now I’m thinking I might be off to Mr Fantastics this evening instead of being at home so I’m going to go make pancakes for the children now instead so they actually get some else I just won’t bother. So that’s me. Tired, but still going, still worrying, and still trying. 

Always trying to beat something.