Why can’t my brain be happy for me and leave me alone? Can’t it go eat itself and leave me alone?

The paranoia has started. It’s racking itself up to ten. It’s been low level all week, how I might be getting in the way of any alone time or perhaps he might just want to chill after work or maybe he’s fed up with the noise of the children, that sort of thing. I got presents for our 4 weeks of knowing each other, not sure he liked them, or I liked them or even if they were good presents. What if he hated them? I try to be thoughtful but what if it’s just weird and a bit rubbish? Paranoia is hovering, low level, around a 2-3. 

The children and I made a mess at Mr Fantastics house. Not purposely, mud from the garden on the carpet. Paranoia up to 4.

Then I found two live lice in my sons hair. So totally paranoid and up a few more.

Then when we were talking on whatsapp this evening things got a bit steamy then he was typing and… nothing came up. My brain says my text hasn’t been read so it couldn’t have been left open? He said he was drifting off but then it happened again.. I replied, he typey type typed.. nothing. Then a reply comes through and my message is read all at the same time and it’s literally the same second. So it totally makes sense doesn’t it and his phones ever so old and quite slow and… I know. But paranoia is all the way up to 10 now and running for the hills screaming and I’m too tired to deal with it. I tried not to be funny with him but I don’t know if I managed it. I’m not feeling well.

Why does my brain hate me? Why can’t it just let me be happy and secure and content in this lovely little bubble he and I have fallen into, this deliciously cosy, two person wonderland that makes all the things brighter than they are usually, that makes the world seem to want me in it, that makes me want to be a part of the world and of life and of normality and relationships and friendships and to get my shit together and plan and make plans with others and feel like it’s proper to do so because THERE WILL BE A TOMORROW and I will be in it? Why does it have to question everything? Why can it not just accept that someone might love me? And not have an agenda or an alternate reality to mine? That someone could love me and want me and actually be the person they seem to be and say they are? Why does it not accept that? What’s so wrong with me? 

I’m a sad face and my heart is cold. It aches to be in his arms and safe and loved and secure. And I’m on my own again. If you’re reading this, Mr Fantastic, then I’m sorry. This IS crazy. And I love you 💜