Fuming at the moment. Asked Superdad to have the two littlest boys for two weeks in the holidays. He said he doesn’t think so. So I asked for a week. He says he’ll let me know but he doesn’t think so because (and I quote) “reasons”. 

So I say I will pay for food and electric and it’s only 2 small people so what’s the problem and all of a sudden I’m pushing and I’ll make him say no if I keep pushing.. I’m so tired of this.

Every time I try to arrange something or make plans he just stands in the way, so I have to cancel or change or just plain not do anything. It’s ridiculous. It winds me right up. 

I try and give him the benefit of the doubt but let’s be honest. It’s too much like hard work for him to look after anyone but himself. Apologies for the angry rant.