My bad day on Wednesday turned into a good day. Mr Fantastic said I could go see him and I wouldn’t be in the way and I pretty much jumped at the chance. So that was a good night after an awful day.

Yesterday was a good day. In the grand scheme of things it was a ridiculously good day. Shopping and cooking and cleaning and busyness and then Mr Fantastic once he finished work. The children were so happy to see him, they absolutely adore the bones of him. So that was lovely, and we left about 8.30 to take him home so we got some hours of alone time and oh! It was so perfect. I’m so in love. He’s so marvellous. Everything I ever wanted in the most gorgeous handsome man I ever laid eyes on. He literally melts me. 
And today…. isn’t. It isn’t anything. It’s not good or bad, it just is. It exists and I guess that’s all I can say about it. The bed is in the living room for camping already – it’s not even 3pm yet but it was the smalls last day at school and they finished early so.. I’m trying. 

I’m trying.

I’m in bed before 3pm with all my babies and we’re watching Moana. I would love to see Mr Fantastic today but he’s busy and has his son this evening so probably won’t. I miss him but don’t want to be too needy or clingy or get in the way. He’s far too nice to say no if I ask. So I won’t, I’ll just wait and see if he says anything. I hope he’s okay. I worry about him.