You know that feeling. When you sleep together for the first time and you’re terrified they’ll realise you snore and fart and do all the stuff you can hide while you’re awake? Yeah that.

Done that. Totally did that last night. It’s like 6am and I woke about 5 and I’ve watched him sleep, I’ve disturbed him because I had to use the bathroom and he’s just gone straight back to sleep. He makes these cute little noises, like sighs of contentment except sleepy. And he doesn’t move. He’s not a fidget at all like me. He just lays still. He’s so handsome. Even with his face relaxed and in sleep mode, even when he had some dribble. Even then. Utterly gorgeous. 

It’s a wonderful feeling waking up in someone’s arms. I’d forgotten how that felt. Feeling safe as you go to sleep? Amazing. That’s a new one on me. Im relaxed and happy and chilled and I don’t have to wake up or sleep or do anything except watch him sleep if I want to – and it’s so new and lovely and just perfect. I’m going to try and sleep again in a minute, just because I can. I don’t think I will, but I can if I want. 

It’s been a wonderful 11 hours so far.