It’s been a long day. Not a bad one, just a long one. I’m tired today. Tomorrow I’m going to nap. I need it. I get to see my love in the evening and so I need to prep today by bleaching my hair and doing my eyebrows and stuff. But once that’s done, I can dye my hair and it’ll be gorgeous tomorrow when I see him. And I want to be gorgeous for him. Because I have missed him and I love him and I’m thoroughly thoroughly thoroughly missing his cuddles and his kisses and looking into those eyes and seeing that smile and feeling him pressed close to me. I’ve missed falling every time he smiles or sighs or makes those noises that are mine. I’ve missed the feeling that the universe stops existing except for us when we kiss. I’ve missed the feeling of being whole when his skin touches mine. I’ve missed feeling safe and calm and together in a way that I’ve never trusted something so much before. I have missed him more than I thought I would and that’s a lot because I knew I would miss him hugely. Ginormously. I’ve missed him like you miss the sunshine after 6 months of a dark winter. Or the way you miss the smell of bacon when you’ve been on a porridge diet forever. I’ve missed him the way a lonely person misses being held. And I’m going to jump right in when I see him. Those kisses are mine and I’m claiming dibs right now. 

I’m going to kiss his face off and fall asleep next to him and it’s going to be just perfect. ❤️