Wednesday oh Wednesday. 

It’s not been a horrendous day. It’s not been an amazing day. Just a sort of middling one. Ups and downs you know.

Yesterday was an utterly amazing day. I was looking forward to it ALL WEEKEND. I dropped the kids off at school and then picked up Mr Fantastic. We had a macdonalds breakfast together then came home to pick up my Spencer. We went to Green Monkey Ink tattoo studio and I got my bumble bee for Manchester behind my ear. Then Spencer got his Manchester bee. Then Mr Fantastic got one too! And we only had to pay for two. So Me Fantastic and I went halves and decided to give Spencer the free one. 

I had an appointment at the psychologist at CAMHS to discuss Jack and take in some paperwork so I left my boys to get their tattoos while I went – got there and was asked if she could rearrange with me. So that was fine because I saved an hour but I also lost 20 minutes driving there and back. Never mind I got back to my boys and they were so good. I got to watch Spencer start his before I left and see Mr Fantastic finish his tattoo and they were both so brave! I was incredibly proud. I love these guys of mine so much. 

Mr Fantastic is living up to his name in every way. 

So once we got home it was time to get Abey so we got him then went shopping and it was lovely just doing normal stuff with Mr Fantastic. And being seen out with him and loving him in public and just being around him. I love him so much. Once the kids got home he met the middle three that he hasn’t met before and he was incredibly good with them. Jack fell in love and got his duvet and cuddled right up to him. Toria was as mad as ever but sweet with it. Maya was a bit frowny after the initial ‘hellos’ but she always is when it comes to new people. All in, it was a successful first meeting. We had cake too, which always helps. 

So I took Mr F home and we got a few hours to ourselves together. Because he was going away today you see, and we won’t see each other until Friday and it’s the longest we’ve been without seeing each other since we met. Today (Wednesday) is 2 weeks to the day that we met. 16 days since we started talking. Our fortnightiversary. Daft but true, haha. 

So that’s Tuesday caught up on. On to today. 

Today I have been stabbed with several large needles. I have a (new) madonna piercing above my lip, and two pierced nipples. They hurt. All of them hurt but the nipples in particular. I don’t know why they hurt so much but they did. They still do and it’s been 7 and a half hours. But they do look pretty. 

I had a little nap this morning. Tried to get another this arvo and the children just kept climbing on me and fighting each other so gave up on that. Mr Fantastic is away with his mum in Llandudno and they sound like they’re having a great time. It’s lovely to get happy updates and imagine his smiling face. I love his face. Hopefully he’ll selfie me again ❤️

The kids haven’t been too bad but jack and maya have been winding each other up so it’s not ideal. They’re pretty chilled for half 7 at night though so long may it continue. I hope they sleep well tonight. Pretty sure I will.