My house is pretty chilled right now. For a Sunday afternoon, it’s not bad at all. I went out for a bit, to see Mr Fantastic and as ever he lives up to his name. 

I met his son, and half the neighbourhood kids! But Mini Fantastic was the one I fell instantly in love with. He’s absolutely amazing. A quirky, clever, amazingly intelligent little guy. Polite and with the cutest northern accent. The biggest, more sincere blue eyes in the world. Honestly, he’s frankly beautiful and I was so instantly in love with them both and their relationship – it’s easy to see the trust and love between them from outside and it blew me away. Literally blew me away. Utterly fantastic, both of them. What a great afternoon. 

Got home to a not as mad as I feared house, not too messy, not too stressed. The kids are all doing their own things and I was somewhat bombarded with small people and hugs and noise when I walked in but it’s eased now I’ve been home for an hour and I’m just kind of revelling in being home and with my babies in the sunshine after a few hours of being more loved up than a loved up person on the most loved up day of their existence ever. 

I’m tired now though. Must be coming down from such a high that does it. I could sleep for a good few hours but I won’t. I need to sort uniforms and baths and stuff out for the smalls – once that’s done then we’re going to be rebels and do living room camping on a school night. How exciting! 

My heart is full. My body is tired. I’m smiling though. And I suspect I have the small slightly permanent, smug smile of a person in love ❤️