It’s been a long, lazy day here. The kids want to finish it off with some living room camping and who am I to refuse? 

All the jobs have been done, the house is nowhere near tidy, I look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards. The kids are kicking about in their undies as it’s so hot and they’ve alternately spent the day in the garden or indoors away from the heat. 

It’s been a good day really. I would have a big drink of vodka if I didn’t have to drive later, that’s the sort of day it’s been.

Luckily I’ve caught up on a good few hours of sleep today so hopefully I’ll start next week on good form. I’m thinking about painting the hall tomorrow so maybe that’ll be my Sunday job. God knows Monday is going to be a paperwork day (again). I hate those! 

It’s sunny and warm and frankly beautiful here. The washing lines are full. The dog is running about the garden. The smalls are running about the garden, I’m on the bench just soaking it all in. I could probably go another nap but I might leave it now. Should probably go make food for everyone. 

As far as saturdays go, it’s not been too bad. Outside my head, it’s been pretty normal and nice. Hurrah for normality (sometimes)