Such a long day today. Up super early, showered and cleaning house before anyone else even stirred. Kids all off to school okay and then over to get Mr Fantastic from his for the drive over to Leeds to drop off Sammy and Lukey. What a drive. I’m useless at remembering anything about where I’ve been or how to get there so need constant directions on the sat nav thing. My phones maps weren’t working so lukey had to use his… i just prayed no one got annoyed with me. Mr Fantastic was just that and he didn’t get annoyed even when I started panicking because wrong turns and motorway lanes and crossing traffic and SCARY. Neither did Lukey. They both just laughed with me and made me giggle which helped lessen it all a bit. Much easier to get lost or even show your crazy stupid head to your friends than to anyone else. Sammy slept through most of it bless her. She’s not used to super early mornings and this morning was ridiculously early.

So I said goodbye to my friends and I’m going to miss them so much even though they were only here for not even 24 hours. There’s just something about having people that get you about. It’s… I don’t know. It helps. It eases something inside. It makes me happy. 

Mr Fantastic and I made it home pretty quickly and it was so good to see him and just be together. I forgot to get some selfies of us today because I was just so absorbed in his company. I wish I had; I miss him hugely now and I know I won’t see him until Tuesday and that’s just going to drive me mad. It’s too long. I might see if I can go see him Sunday evening perhaps. Monday night I can’t as I have to take my sons girlfriend home but I can Tuesday night. He’s away weds/thurs/fri so I won’t see him then but I’m picking him up Friday night and I get to stay with him all weekend long so next weekend is going to be the best weekend ever. Just got to get there. I can do it knowing he’s my happy ending.

I am in love and it’s wonderful. I never felt like this before. This is just… life changing. Literally. I just want him, every single part of him. Any madness, any crazy, any emotional baggage, anything and everything; I want it all. I want to look into those eyes for the rest of my life and be able to tell him in his ear every day forever – I love you and I always will. Always.