My weekend had been frankly the best weekend I’ve had in ages. The children went to superdads on Saturday and the big boys and I did our usual – music, cleaning, teamwork. Clean house. Washing caught up on, dog walked. Time spent together, shopping done, macdonalds bought, Matthew even went out for a few hours. I had my man shape – otherwise known as Mr Fantastic – to text me in the evening. It was blissful. Chilled. 

Sunday came and it was my day to see Mr F in the flesh for the first time since Friday. It doesn’t sound long but it felt like weeks, honestly. Drove me mad waiting for it to be time to get a bath then get ready to leave. Luckily I got there early and we had an extra half hour together. I love that. 

What an afternoon! Kissing and cuddling and canoodling. Staring into each other’s eyes and whispering sweet nothings. Getting to know each other; declaring ourselves. Talking about how this is like being struck by lightning. This feeling, this amazement. It just feels right. 

We layed in each other’s arms all afternoon and it was the most perfectly serene and peaceful I’ve felt in such a long time. I don’t remember my heart beating fast for any other reason beyond anxiety or panic or something bad for the past 4 years. Until now. He touches me and it pounds. He stares into my eyes so long I feel like I’m drowning and I’ll willingly fill my lungs and go deeper. 

I am absolutely and completely totally and utterly in love with this man – this man that every time he opens his mouth my heart beats faster. When he looks at me those eyes hold the universe and my brain stops working and I literally forget to breathe. I can’t concentrate. I can’t focus on anything but him. And I love every second of it. He makes me want a tomorrow. He makes me want to wake up. He makes me look forward to it all. I am happy. I want to stay alive. I want to be here. This is a revelation.

I love him. My everything reaches for his and he holds me and we just mould and melt into each other. We fit perfectly. I hope this never changes. I hope he always wants me just like this, forever. Because I want him just that way. Forever. Completely. Perfectly his. 

I’ll thank The Universe very damn day for the rest of eternity if I could keep him for always 💜