Saw Mr Fantastic again. Bad hair day and all and he didn’t care. Well, he said he didn’t..!

I’m done you know. I’m gone. I can’t take it slow. I fell the minute he got in my car and when he kissed me that just made it even better. 

I don’t want anyone else, ever. That feeling. I’ve never looked into anyone’s eyes without thinking how bloodshot/muddy/tired they are and Mr Fantastic has me staring for hours. Beautiful eyes. Getting lost has never been so much fun. They change colour depending on his mood and I think I’ve sussed out a couple of them. Green and blue and just. Beautiful. They look like the sea on a sunny day. Or when it clouded over and that dark colour then the sun comes it and it brightens everything up. Seriously beautiful. 

He’s got a salt and pepper beard. Black and grey and so sexy. His hair is lighter. Flecks of grey. Seriously sexy. He’s my silver fox. He has some ear piercings which make me want to lick his ear. Some other piercings that I will leave you to guess but Oh My God. He’s gorgeous. And tall. And funny. And attentive. And marvellous. And clever. And kind. And nice. And amazing. And makes me feel happy. Did I mention he’s amazing? There’s no sadness there. Until I have to leave and that’s only because I want to stay forever and never go anywhere else. He kisses me until I’m stupid and the only thing that exists is that face. 

Ill just be over here, dreaming.