I’m marking it for posterity. Today has been a good – great – day.

  • Jack got on the bus this morning, no tears, no fights, just off he went. 
  • Abey woke up at 6am so was ready for school early and had a good day. 
  • The oldest actually went to college (first time in weeks) and he got about 3 weeks worth of work done in one day. He should finish his course tomorrow. 
  • I had a date with the most gorgeous, kind, funny, lovely man and he made my day. 2 hours in a coffee shop and nothing else existed but those eyes and that smile and he held my hand. It was amazing and felt like we were the only people in the world. Everything else disappeared. It may be early days but I’ve been blown over. Anyway. It was great and we had a little kiss and THAT was amazing too. He’s Mr Fantastic. I’m smitten. Completely gone. Already.
  • Went for a brew with my friend. He gave me some baklava he’s picked up and a new soda cherry drink as he knows I like weird and wonderful stuff. And he lent me a book. It was nice, we had a brew and a hug goodbye and off I went. Friends are fabulous. 
  • Kids managed to meltdown in turns this evening for like 3 hours. It was horrendous but I’m still smiling. My face hurts I’ve been smiling so much.
  • I have another date with Mr Fantastic tomorrow. 

Today has been a good day. 💜