I’m awake. It’s half past 2am and it’s no surprise, I’m usually awake at this time but it tends to be me on my own. Tonight the little one is awake too and quite upset. He’s sick. So we’re waiting on him being sick again. Poor little man.

 He was sick again. It’s 3am. He didn’t like it so held it in and swallowed it. I guess he’s more like superdad than I thought, he does the exact same thing. Abey is sleeping okay now though, a much better deeper sleep so hopefully that’s him for the night now.

Toria woke up because she had a nightmare. So we had a discussion about how she doesn’t like dinosaurs because they give her nightmares but if she tells them to go away in her dream they will come out into the real world and eat us all up. Also discussed My Little Pony and Noghtmare Moon and Equestrian and Ponyville. And how Toria loves them all and her friends which is very sweet but hey, she’s a sweet girl. Grandmas favourite after all. 

Tia the little foster doggy is curled up in my neck. Jack is sleeping one side of me, Abey the other. Toria is laying half on me wrapped in a blanket. They’re all sleeping peacefully. I’m perfectly surrounded. And it’s lovely.