Aren’t that bad really are they. Aside from the grumpy children and the early mornings catching up with everyone.

Today has been a good day by the general scale of things. 

Had the day with my 11 year old. She got a mental health day today. Sometimes we all need those. We went shopping first thing, came home, spent some time together, had naps then the gardener came round. He’s still working now, for the equivalent of about £25 an hour. But it’s worth it, both my gardens are massive and there’s hedges all the way round. It was like a jungle. He’ll be done soon and we’ll have a lovely garden.

The 8 year old has been back from school an hour and has needed to be restrained already. He’s in my bed now though, hopefully I can keep him calm. I heard a better term than special needs lately which I appreciate much better – it’s “additional needs” and I think it works much better especially in regards to Jack. His needs aren’t special, they’re just him. Additional to others. I like it. 

Onwards and forwards. I’ll update later once they’re in bed. For now… it’s going okay. 

The evening was good. Having a less structured evening is working for us at the minute. So long as I don’t put too many restrictions in place and remain fluid with expectations we’re doing okay. We don’t have “bedtimes” as such but I try to get us all into bed by about half 9, 10. The kids lounge about until they fall asleep of their own accord which is nice. Then I go off (if I can). I took sleeping pills because I needed the rest that comes with. It was a content night, happy kids makes for a content mama.