Jacks appointment with CAMHS resulted in them putting him forward for ADOS. That’s the big test for Autism. His brother had one and got a diagnosis right off the bat. His sister never had one and got diagnosis regardless. Either way it’s a positive step and a big move forwards.

They had a weekend with their dad last week. It went pretty well. We are talking again. It’s like nothing happened which is pretty standard. Confusing but oh well. I guess when you’ve been in someone’s life for so long it’s hard to keep a grudge going. I don’t know; I don’t really mind. So long as things are peaceful and he wants to be my friend I’ll be here. Aren’t I always.

My meds have been upped to maximum dose. I can’t remember if I told you that. I’m back in the doctors in 3 weeks and will see how it goes. It’s all we can do I guess. 

My 3 and 8 year olds have had the chicken pox this week. It has been in turns cute and cuddly and hellish and horrendous. I’ll take either one; the cute and cuddly tends to follow the other.

So that’s it. Tonight I’m getting drunk because it’s a happy Saturday and I’m going to watch Harry Potter and eat Chinese food until I sleep the sleep of the drunk. Hopefully tomorrow I will wake feeling like doing some painting! Happy weekend to you.