I have opened my door twice today. This is big news. I feel like I’ve just run a race. My heart is pounding but I’m proud of myself.

Usually when the door goes if it’s not a package I get one of the big boys to answer it or I ignore it. I can’t deal with not knowing who is there or having to speak to someone I don’t know. It terrifies me. 

Twice. That’s more than in a normal week. 

First one was a man from up the road asking for a package that we took in for him about a month ago. 

Second one was the doorstep loan man asking if he could talk to me about my payments and previous agents etc. I arranged for him to come back Friday. I will sort it out. 

That’s a lot for me to have accomplished by 10:44 on a Wednesday morning. Already I feel like it’s been a hugely long day.

This may not seem a big deal to you. But my anxiety is such that it trips me up in the biggest of ways for the smallest of things. This is huge for me.  

I guess it can only carry on. Let’s hope.