I’m so unhappy. I’m miserable. 

He didn’t even try to keep me. He didn’t question me walking away. He hasn’t been in touch since he told me his brother knew about me. Which was directly after I messaged him and told him I can’t keep doing this.

My bff says she hopes he doesn’t contact me and then I can get over him. I got over the Scottish one, I can get over him… 

But I don’t want to get over him. I don’t want to have to. 

I wish that I could’ve sent that message and he’d taken some time to think about it and realised he can’t live without me and that he’d be miserable too and that really he loves having me about. And then of course we’d live happily ever after. I know, I know. 

I know that looking back on this whole thing that it was never going to work out and I guess that’s why I sent that message. I was tired of being ignored and feeling unimportant. I guess it was kind of an ultimatum that just didn’t really have any options. He just got rid of me and that’s that. Maybe he will be much happier now. He’s probably back on the dating site I met him on and would’ve been out on the pull already. 

I wish I could’ve been what he wanted. I’m so unhappy.