Drama on Saturday after fridays miscommunication. Because I didn’t take the children to superdads since I didn’t get a reply to my reply to the question of times. 

The children and I had a good day, we went shopping.

 I took my 6 year old to a birthday party. 

We had a lovely dinner together and after picking up party girl I took my mattress into the living room and the four smallest and I camped out.

Living room camping, such fun!

My back protested being quite so close to the floor but otherwise we had a great time. It was a lovely evening, brought us closer together. 

We watched Moana, Trolls and The Lion King. By the end of the third film even the most stubborn of us was asleep.   

I enjoyed the sense of security that came with being in my babies company as they slept. 

When we first moved into our house, just the seven of us, it took a few weeks for me to get beds for everyone. So we all slept together in the living room. 

Every night we’d bundle onto our airbeds and our blow up mattresses, bundle duvets and cushions on the floor to make nests and watch a film and giggle until we slept. 

It was a good time for us, and part of the reason I think we’re so close. The comfort from being surrounded by the ones you love, particularly when they are sleeping and peaceful is simply priceless. I miss it, hence the occasional living room camping. 

These days it’s a treat but I do miss the warmth and security of the necessity.

I guess I miss my babies really. The comfort of having them so close. Being able to watch them sleep, and dream and smile. I miss that. That easy comfort.

That drifting into warmth, slipping into sleep as I listen to their steady breathing and watch their faces. 

I might not be the best mother in the world but I love them something fierce. And I always will.

My babies are mine.

I’m their constant, their always. And they are mine. It’s us against the world. And we’ve got each other. 

Would that everyone else could be so fortunate.