So I’m sitting here. And I’m crying, right. I’m not crying because my daughter just had a meltdown because I asked her to help me sweep up for the third time today. I’m not crying because no matter how many times I sweep or tidy or clean up what is a never ending path of garbage being dropped all over my house. I’m not even crying because I just received a cheque that Ive been chasing for weeks and it’s for a sizeable amount of money that if nothing else will save me from my car insurance this month. I’m not even crying because it’s not the first meltdown of the day, so far were on the third and it’s only just turned midday. I’m not crying because yesterday was one of the worst days of my life so far, another confirmed case of autism and my sanity at definite breaking point. 4 out of my 6 kids have special needs and they all have autism. Goodness me. I’m not crying because that was a HUGE shock to my system even though I already knew it and it wasn’t remotely surprising. 

I’m crying because I can hear the three smallest playing together. They’re giggling, chatting, getting along.  There’s no screaming, they’ve not battered each other yet and they’re actually interacting in a manner you’d expect from “normal” children. Oh my god. They can do it. Sometimes, not often. They can get along. It’s a revelation!