I started a post last night and I never finished it. Log in this morning and it’s gone, poof! Like it never existed. Probably for the best. There was real nuance to it but I can’t remember what was said. 

It was like one of those dreams where it all makes sense and you wake with clarity and as the day goes on you couldn’t describe it if you tried (and you do try) and it matters less and less until it’s just a wisp of a dream that you remember having but can no longer remember the content to. One of those. 

Something about sanity and clinging to something during the storm. Misdirection. Something about that. I was dead tired. I’m not surprised it’s up and gone. I was half asleep by the time I went to sleep and everything i can remember is a bit blurry. Guess I need to sleep earlier and longer. Roll on tomorrow morning – there’s nothing to get up for, just time to stay in bed and sleep and relax and chill. All morning. I can’t wait.