My mind is shot.

Spent the week since we’ve been home trying to rest and relax back into my life with my kids.

Read a few books, kept the house clean (no small effort) and been in touch with everyone.

Shan’t be meeting the baby yet. Drama saw to that.

Still haven’t heard from superdad. The kids keep asking when they will see him? I just answer with “I’ve not heard from him…” And their little hearts break a little more each time. 

Been avoiding bills like the plague and now it’s catching up to me.. phone calls and letter and reminders. It’s unpleasant. I need to get back on it next week. I was doing so well before this.

It’s been such a long week. 

Next week I have some appointments to go to, take the kids to. 8 year old starts full time at his school instead of 2 hours a day. 

Supposed to be meeting someone next week but I don’t feel up to it. I’m not feeling strong enough in any form.

I was ill. Took a sofa day on Thursday. Had to make an emergency trip to Tesco in the evening after 8year old slammed 3 year olds foot in the door. One split and bleeding toenail later I was up and out the door getting supplies. Panic over and 3 year old is fine. Friday took some getting over, I’m still a bit ropey today. 

I’m so tired. And fed up. And lonely. I’ve got all this stuff to do and I don’t want to do a single bit of it, none whatsoever. I just want to go to bed and sleep. For a week. Maybe then I’ll wake up cheery.