1) when I think of myself driving my car, it’s like a kids drawing. In felt tip. 

2) I spend a lot of time every day wondering what I should eat. Then not eating.

3) I sometimes go weeks without reading a book. Then I feel bad so I read lots of books all at once. 

4) My favourite perfume is Eternity by Calvin Klein. 

5) When I was a child I smashed my own face with a tennis bat and my nose bled for hours.

6) I always feel like an imposter. 

7) having my first child saved my life. I would’ve killed myself without him. 

8) making the decision to keep my second son (even though I was single and 18) made me a real mother. I felt like a pretender before that. 

9) I didn’t believe in ADHD or Autism until my child was diagnosed with it. Then I broke down in tears.

10) every day I look forward to bedtime more than anything else

11) my bed is my favourite place

12) I cosleep with my 3 year old, 6 year old and 8 year old. We spend almost every waking minute together unless he has nursery or the others are in school

13) I hate the school run

14) I always try to be kind. 

15) my mother is ashamed of me and once told me she wished I’d been aborted 

16) my father is ashamed of me too. Because I don’t have anything more than a college diploma and some GCSEs. 

17) I will never ever be ashamed of any of my children. They may have special needs, they may not get very far in life. But if they’re happy, they’re already doing better than 50% of the population

18) I love music but don’t listen to it nearly enough

19) I sometimes long to go for a drive in my car, alone. Just so I can listen to a song or an album.

20) I have a bath every single day. I use Badedas and most the time I just sit in the water and read. 

21) I feel “dry” a lot of the time. I feel like I’m drying out if i don’t bathe every day or have contact with deep water. 

22) I only day drink on Christmas Day.

23) my mother is an alcoholic. I vowed never to be like her. I rarely drink. 

24) I like the number 7.

25) I want to write a book. I have characters ready. But I’ve not had a story present itself to me yet. 

26) I love to paint. (Oils are my favourite)

27) I worry that I will be found out that I’m not a real person. 

28) I think about my death on a daily basis. Not in a bad way, it gives me peace.

29) I love poetry. My favourite poet is Neil Hilborn

30) Maya Angelou is my hero

31) I spent many years getting over childhood abuse

32) I feel sorry for people that have rigid views and opinions. I wonder why it scares them so much to open their minds

33) I am a feminist. For women, and for men.

34) I love cartoons and watch them all the time. My favourite cartoon is Adventure Time. I also love Clarence, We bare bears, regular show and Steven universe. 

35) I believe in love at first sight/touch

36) my boiler cupboard is full of crap! No matter how many times I empty it, it gets full again within a week

37) I hate to clean. I do the minimum I can get away with. Sometimes when I’m going through a bad patch I don’t hoover for weeks. 

38) the laundry pile is ever growing. I saw the bottom of the basket for the first time in a month yesterday. It’s full again today

39) I want to work with dead people. 

40) my bestest friend lives 300 miles away from me. I miss her every day. 

41) I moved 300 miles away from my family. I don’t miss them. I would never move away from my kids

42) I see parallels between my life and my mums life and I hate it

43) I treat other people how I would like to be treated. 

44) I’m lonely

45) my children are my world

46) I was 16 when I got pregnant with my first child. He is now 17. 

47) my favourite cereal is coco pops

48) I can’t eat eggs. I eat the yellow part (fried) but not the white. The textures make me sick. I can’t eat omelettes or scrambled eggs or hard boiled eggs.

49) I’m fat. 

50) I have a dog and 3 cats. 

51) I forget everything. Even when I write it down.