But for good this time. Because when someone can’t answer a simple yes or no question with a simple yes or no answer, what choice are you left with?

In this case, the question was “am I your girlfriend?” And the answer was “why do you ask?” 

The next answer was “I honestly don’t know ” and then later on I was blasted for “assuming his intentions.”

Well now, let’s get one thing straight. I never assumed anything; this is why I asked the question in the first place. And if someone says that you’re not their girlfriend and they don’t want anything serious, but they enjoy your company, if that’s not enough then sorry, how is it wrong to “assume” that actually what they are enjoying is the no strings sex they’ve managed to sort themselves out with? Sex and cuddles every weekend and no emotional attachment needed the rest of the time? Every blokes perfect relationship, right? Of course, he called it a relationship but if you can’t label the sort of relationship it IS then you need to either take a long look at yourself or IT. I have a relationship with my vibrator but I don’t feel the need to call it my boyfriend. And there I guess, is the crux of the whole thing. He enjoyed my company but didn’t feel the need to call me his girlfriend. And when I called him out on it? Well.

He got huffy because I said I wasn’t going to continue a no strings sexual relationship. And he said we shouldn’t see each other anymore. I said it was his loss anyway, I love harder than anyone. He probably won’t miss me; I wasn’t more than a regular bit of rudeness but I had to say it. I am a good person, I am a good person to love and if you can’t recognise that, then that’s your loss. I was willing to give my heart but he didn’t want that. 

It’s hard to know you’re not good enough for someone. That something you would’ve liked wasn’t worth a damn. But there was an inkling and I guess that’s why I asked. Self protection.

My heart is in 6 parts and it’s carried safe outside my body by the only people that really matter.