And I’m not sure it was a good one. A week since I got my new phone. I lost all my drafts with my old WordPress app and I’m pretty disappointed; there was a lot of work there that’s now gone, and won’t be recovered. That’s the problem with saving in an app I guess; it doesn’t save in your website too. Damnit.

So, I’ve made some progress. I drove a 600 mile round trip with the 4 smallest this week. That was quite an achievement. I got my new tattoo, the one I’ve been promising myself for what feels like forever. I’ve made plans and self analysed and second guessed and been paranoid and held an anxiety attack at bay and had a proper panic attack but only halfway and I died inside a few times. I wished I had the strength to not exist anymore but that would let even more people down than I do by existing so I guess I’m good for something.  I’m still here.