..happy birthday to me!

It’s strange, because I’ve been a bit confused about my age for the last couple years. Some days I say “I’m almost 34 years old and…” And others I’ll say “I’m a 34 year old woman and…” -behind begs the question, when do we realise our ages? Which part of the year do we sit down and say “I’m 34” – and then when does it turn over to “nearly 35” or “turning 35”? I honestly think I really did miss out on being 33, I don’t recall mentioning that age ever. Funny. 

I’m still in bed – got up and sorted the smalls out and then got back to bed. I’ve had an extra hour unable to sleep so far but I don’t want to get up as am unsure whether the family has plans for me. I hope it includes some breakfast though, I’m pretty hungry! Hmm.. Breakfast in bed and a cup of tea? Yes please, now wakey wakey small people, mama needs feeding, haha.

Plans for today include little to no eye makeup, seeing as many films as we can fit in one day at the cinema and eating lots of yummy food. Sounds like a good day to me, I’ve been looking forward to it all year!!

All the pressies I got from my little family. They know what mama likes sure enough! And Pond got me lilies that light up (and don’t set off my hayfever) and a ton of books. One of which is hands down, THE best book I have ever in my life read. The Reader on the 6.27. Read it, you won’t be disappointed.