There seem to be a lot of them. Every other day seems to be a Monday these days. Not that they’re all bad. I don’t think so anyway. My hatred of Monday’s has lessened as I’ve got older.. Especially when I can use them to get over the weekend. This many kids, I need Mondays.

It’s been a while since I’ve been here, I know. The stats for this page are actually better than when I was writing every day, go figure! I have a physical journal now though, so my worst days go there – I wanted to keep this a more positive page, instead I seem to have left it.. Not forever though. I’m back now. 

Hi again, and welcome. Hi me, too. Hi me. Welcome me. *waves* good to see you again! And you, took welcome back. 

Have a meme. (Credit to who made it as ever) In honour of #whatyoudontsee