The cat keeps shitting on the kitchen floor

Under the cooker, I smelled it before

Too far to reach, too smelly to leave

The thought of it makes me heave

I want to get away from it. 

It’s hurting my nose, my head.

This smell this place this disgusting mess.

And I wonder what did I do?

To deserve all these disgusting smells and poo?

I live in a house where I’ll go mad

The cleaning the tidying it drives me 

To distraction

The dog shit on the bedroom floor

I know it’s there, I smelled it before

I saw it. 

This little pile of shit, it’s making me heave

I want to get away from it.

It’s hurting my nose.

I hate getting up to a mess and going to bed a mess and being around a mess and having a mess and existing 

I’m the mess.

Every day

It makes me heave it drives me mad

And that. That.

I feel. Bad.