Knitting. I’m trying to learn; I have managed to do 10 rows of a knit stitch. It took me an evening to learn how to cast on – that’s getting the wool to stay on a needle – and it took me a week and a half to learn how to do a basic knit stitch. That’s a long time! But I’m very proud of myself. Apparently it has mental health benefits too so I am monitoring myself closely.  Desks. We have two desks, two bookcases being delivered today. All at knock down prices, I will be getting more next week! The children shall all have desks and storage! Hurrah! Teeth. Electric toothbrushes and recalcifying mouthwash. May as well give it a go, I need to do something; overly sensitive teeth are a pain in the neck (mouth). Yes, that is a picture of sharks with teeth. Because sharks.   That’s it; that’s my update. January was a helluva month. We read books, we watched films, we played games and tickled and giggled and had fun. The weather was atrocious outside but inside we were all okay. Cosy, warm, and getting along.  I’m ridiculously tired so I don’t have much more to say – a 29 month olds sleep regression is unpleasant to say the least, although the cuddles and loves that come with it are an unexpected bonus.  Happy February!