Mental, mardy, but a little bit marvellous..


February 2016

Thursday morning

I’m sat, dressed. Tired, but yay! Dressed! Toria and Toddlerboy are keeping me company. They are in pjs. Toddler boy hasn’t worked out how to take off a back to front onesie yet and so that’s why he’s actually wearing something other than the usual birthday suit.

We had drinks last night. Pond drank an entire bottle of mead. I had a bottle of rose but I spritzed it with Lemonade. MIL came round you see, she was on the beer. We had lots of laughs and a hella big Chinese meal! It was a great night and I bailed after dinner thanks to being very, very drunk. And on a school night too, shock horror. Pond is suffering badly today but I’m not too bad – bit of a headache, otherwise fine. Of course that could be the wine talking! 

I had a very nice man from JBM carpets come measure up for a carpet this morning. I chose a nice dark grey to go through my hall, stairs and landing. With underlay, and fitting, it comes to £380 – payable at £10 a week. (That’s just under 27 sq feet of carpet and much cheaper than I was quoted for a no underlay option, payable up front with a different company a few months back). Marvellous. If I get my butt in gear it’ll a beautiful hallway for us. We have paper, we need to paint a couple of ceilings, gloss some skirting boards. Time to buy some spray paint I think!

Mentally I’m still pretty down and out. I need sleep and lots of it. I need pills and pills and pills. I need to chill and stop worrying, panicking, fussing over everything. I probably need to leave the house. I definitely need to call the doctor for my pills because yet again I’ve left it too late and I’ve run out. I think I’ll just be kind to myself today and have fun with my babies and sleep when I can. I need to be rested for Jackyboos birthday tomorrow. And tonight that means he and I making enough cupcakes that he can take to school for all his friends and teachers tomorrow. Bless him, I can’t believe my little boy is growing so big. 

Jackyboos will be 7, and wow! has it flown – I was pregnant with him when I moved to Manchester with Pond and our 3 (!) children. It snowed and snowed and snowed the week he was born. It was a beautiful time of year and he was a beautiful baby. He is such a beautiful boy. He lights up the world, it’s just brilliant. Because he is. 


Knitting, desks, teeth and things

Knitting. I’m trying to learn; I have managed to do 10 rows of a knit stitch. It took me an evening to learn how to cast on – that’s getting the wool to stay on a needle – and it took me a week and a half to learn how to do a basic knit stitch. That’s a long time! But I’m very proud of myself. Apparently it has mental health benefits too so I am monitoring myself closely.  Desks. We have two desks, two bookcases being delivered today. All at knock down prices, I will be getting more next week! The children shall all have desks and storage! Hurrah! Teeth. Electric toothbrushes and recalcifying mouthwash. May as well give it a go, I need to do something; overly sensitive teeth are a pain in the neck (mouth). Yes, that is a picture of sharks with teeth. Because sharks.   That’s it; that’s my update. January was a helluva month. We read books, we watched films, we played games and tickled and giggled and had fun. The weather was atrocious outside but inside we were all okay. Cosy, warm, and getting along.  I’m ridiculously tired so I don’t have much more to say – a 29 month olds sleep regression is unpleasant to say the least, although the cuddles and loves that come with it are an unexpected bonus.  Happy February!  

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