And a very happy one to you.

I know I’ve been lax lately but you know? I just couldn’t be arsed! If I’ve not been sleeping off the worst bodily excesses of ladies week, I’ve been attempting to control this black cloud or I’ve been utterly manic sorting my house, my children, my life out. 

It’s the 8th of January and it’s been a year of ups and downs already! Mostly the ups have outweighed the downs though, and I have made a whole new group of online friends in a mothers group who are actually more than a bit awesome. That’s as well as my bump friends who put the sauce in awesome sauce!

My babies are back in school and boy, are they loving it. So is toddler boy, he’s responding really well to getting his own space and routine back. The older lads are doing great too, Noodle has some exams soon so we’ve been doing a good lot of revision in the evenings. He hates it but he knows it needs to be done, bless him. 

I’ve had mama-daughter time with May May this evening. We did her nails in acrylics and apart from the house being stinky now because of the yukky stuff you have to use, she’s loving them and it was fun! It was fun fun fun. And nice to spend time together, of course. The lads and Mr Pond are out at the cinema watching the new Star Wars so it’s just the smalls and Maya and I in the house. It’s been peaceful and really quite nice. A nice change but I’ll be glad to get my menfolk back!

Toddler boy is sleeping, so is Toria. I’m eating a Chinese, watching cartoons and having snuggles with BoomBoom and MayMay. My evening could definitely have been worse! 

Happy 2016 😊