It’s that time of year. I got a call from my mum today to tell me my grandma is in hospital and it’s not looking good. I’m not sad for me, I’m sad for mum. She lost her partner last year, her dad a few months back and now in all likelihood will lose her mum too. What a blow; that’s a serious triple whammy. We’re talking every day (or texting) so she knows she’s not alone. It’s a waiting game now; just have to see how it goes. 

I’ve been up and down myself; no reason or rhyme to it, the usual depression and anxiety although managing it has become easier with the support and understating of not only Pond but the children too. Its nice to know that they understand as best they can.

This seems to be a post of two halves.

The Childers and I have been enjoying the build up to Christmas. We’ve watched The Muppets Christmas Carol, The Santa Clause 1,2 and 3, and loads of other things that feel like they belong in a festive atmosphere. Our house is a riot of colour, inside and out, the tree and the lights are twinkling and it’s cosy and warm and lovely. 

I’m going to go make tea and eat some Christmas biscuits now. It is Sunday, and nearly Christmas. Don’t think I’ve mentioned the time of year enough – it’s nearly Christmas, after all!