We have finished decorating the lounge. New paper, curtains, coffee table. Moved furniture around, put the tree and window lights up, splendid. 


We’re sitting in a starry night with twinkling lights. 

The wallpaper is black with sparkles that catch the light just so. 

The backing of the fire is sparkly and black, it has butterflies and they move in the light of the flames. 

The bay window is framed with blue icicles swaying in the wind, the middle pane is a dazzling array of warm white points of light. 

The tree is the focus. 7 feet tall, big, bushy, warm white lights as a base with multicoloured berry lights and twinkling pink and purples make it a thing of beauty. 

Irish cream covers slowly melting ice cubes. TV plays slightly naff pop songs we remember from the 80s, growing up with the same songs played over and over. 

We close the curtains across the side panes of the bay and we turn off the main light. We are bathed in a soft, twinkling, fairylike glow and it’s calming and cosy and all so beautifully Christmas