Never go right, do they?

 The way I see it, The more loose your plans the more chance of success!

We have been ‘planning’ on building up a super bedroom for the 4 smallest smalls (okay, that’s not very small, but you get my point) for some time now. But something always managed to get in the way – we didn’t have enough of this or the right that, we couldn’t put this up or we needed the right something for so and so. We wanted all the children to have nicely decorated personal spaces before Christmas, but it just wasn’t working that way.

So we just got on with it. We made do and boy does it look great.. We used two different types of wallpaper, a tub of leftover paint and it looks amazing. The children love it, and I must admit having the four of them (two sets of bunk beds) in the one room helps immensely at bedtime. Plus it looks super cool and awesome!

That’s one room down. The 14 year old is now in the ‘rocket’ room (it has a big space mural on one wall) and he couldn’t be happier. And it’s a gorgeous room. 

We now have a spare room and one more to decorate. That’s upstairs, anyway, getting it done before Christmas should be completely doable too. I was supposed to take delivery of new wallpaper for my living room yesterday but it never arrived. The baby was very poorly and spent all day Velcro-d to me anyway so it’s not like I could’ve done much regardless.

It’s the 4th December. We haven’t started buying for Christmas and our decorations aren’t up yet. Best crack on with it really. That’s today’s job, to start it all looking pretty for Christmas. Get the tree out the loft and hope the cats don’t sit in it like last year! They’re a bit bigger now than they were then…