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December 2015

Not a very busy year.. But if you’re interested.. This is 2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 610 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 10 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


Christmas Eve

 I guess this’ll be me for the rest of the crimbo season.  It’s been a nightmare so far what with over excited children and more shopping than ever to do, cleaning and wrapping to look at. 

Exhaustion rules and painkillers are its lady in waiting. 

I wish any and everyone reading this a very happy Christmas. 2015 has been a year of big changes for everyone I know, we’ve all been through it some way or another. A year of differences and growth. Hopefully it’s all for the best. 2016 should be a great year for us all – I hope it is for you, too. 

Have a very happy Christmas and a fabulous New Year – I’m off to face the dreaded food shop and wrap a small sheds worth of presents. And drink – once 12 o’ clock comes it’s ‘well, it’s Christmas’ time and that excuses all alcohol for the period! 

From me to you, a very Merry Christmas. And if you’re alone over Christmas, put your feet up, your favourite film on the telly, get a Chinese and enjoy! 


It’s nearly christmas

 It’s that time of year. I got a call from my mum today to tell me my grandma is in hospital and it’s not looking good. I’m not sad for me, I’m sad for mum. She lost her partner last year, her dad a few months back and now in all likelihood will lose her mum too. What a blow; that’s a serious triple whammy. We’re talking every day (or texting) so she knows she’s not alone. It’s a waiting game now; just have to see how it goes. 

I’ve been up and down myself; no reason or rhyme to it, the usual depression and anxiety although managing it has become easier with the support and understating of not only Pond but the children too. Its nice to know that they understand as best they can.

This seems to be a post of two halves.

The Childers and I have been enjoying the build up to Christmas. We’ve watched The Muppets Christmas Carol, The Santa Clause 1,2 and 3, and loads of other things that feel like they belong in a festive atmosphere. Our house is a riot of colour, inside and out, the tree and the lights are twinkling and it’s cosy and warm and lovely. 

I’m going to go make tea and eat some Christmas biscuits now. It is Sunday, and nearly Christmas. Don’t think I’ve mentioned the time of year enough – it’s nearly Christmas, after all!


Reblogging: When a 12-Year-Old is in Charge of a House Full of Dying People

I heard the rumors. Something was going around at school. Also at church. They said it attacks like lightning and leaves you feeling like a grenade just went off inside your body. The only merciful part of the ordeal is that it only lasts for 24 hours. Perhaps my home will be spared, I thought. […]

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas… 

We have finished decorating the lounge. New paper, curtains, coffee table. Moved furniture around, put the tree and window lights up, splendid. 


We’re sitting in a starry night with twinkling lights. 

The wallpaper is black with sparkles that catch the light just so. 

The backing of the fire is sparkly and black, it has butterflies and they move in the light of the flames. 

The bay window is framed with blue icicles swaying in the wind, the middle pane is a dazzling array of warm white points of light. 

The tree is the focus. 7 feet tall, big, bushy, warm white lights as a base with multicoloured berry lights and twinkling pink and purples make it a thing of beauty. 

Irish cream covers slowly melting ice cubes. TV plays slightly naff pop songs we remember from the 80s, growing up with the same songs played over and over. 

We close the curtains across the side panes of the bay and we turn off the main light. We are bathed in a soft, twinkling, fairylike glow and it’s calming and cosy and all so beautifully Christmas


The best laid plans…

Never go right, do they?

 The way I see it, The more loose your plans the more chance of success!

We have been ‘planning’ on building up a super bedroom for the 4 smallest smalls (okay, that’s not very small, but you get my point) for some time now. But something always managed to get in the way – we didn’t have enough of this or the right that, we couldn’t put this up or we needed the right something for so and so. We wanted all the children to have nicely decorated personal spaces before Christmas, but it just wasn’t working that way.

So we just got on with it. We made do and boy does it look great.. We used two different types of wallpaper, a tub of leftover paint and it looks amazing. The children love it, and I must admit having the four of them (two sets of bunk beds) in the one room helps immensely at bedtime. Plus it looks super cool and awesome!

That’s one room down. The 14 year old is now in the ‘rocket’ room (it has a big space mural on one wall) and he couldn’t be happier. And it’s a gorgeous room. 

We now have a spare room and one more to decorate. That’s upstairs, anyway, getting it done before Christmas should be completely doable too. I was supposed to take delivery of new wallpaper for my living room yesterday but it never arrived. The baby was very poorly and spent all day Velcro-d to me anyway so it’s not like I could’ve done much regardless.

It’s the 4th December. We haven’t started buying for Christmas and our decorations aren’t up yet. Best crack on with it really. That’s today’s job, to start it all looking pretty for Christmas. Get the tree out the loft and hope the cats don’t sit in it like last year! They’re a bit bigger now than they were then…


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