Actually more like a chemist, one doctor, new fridge, my bath, The Wizard of Oz, oh my, oh my! 

Not really.. Although all of the above have applied at some point today. A short story though I promise… And an excuse for this…! 


Took delivery of the new fridge freezer this morning. Courtesy of The Family Fund, it has enabled us to return the hire purchase fridge freezer we had and save £20 a week. That’s a lot of money when you’re skint!

My doctor sent my new rescue pills straight over to the chemist. Her words: “there are more creative options for issues like yours these days”. Bless her. Chemist didn’t have them in although a new delivery arrives tomorrow so I can give them a go then. 

The 3 children at primary school get to see a production of The Wizard of Oz in school next week. It’s an option for yet more fancy dress so I’ve been poring over the Internet to find creative and original (and cheap!) outfits and ideas for Glinda the good witch, Dorothy and a flying monkey. Or possibly a tin man. Or scarecrow. I’ve not decided BoomBooms outfit yet. I made all the smalls sit and watch the film too. Toddler boy loved it, surprisingly – he spent the whole film saying “Up, Up!” It’s one of my favourites, the small people should learn to love it or I’m not the wicked witch!

I need to be creative and Pin some easy ideas for costumes – my Amazon basket has £76 worth of stuff and that’s without crafty accessories.. And I can’t afford that!  

Dinner went surprisingly well – I spent the entire day Sunday cooking a huge roast so today we had it all in a stew. Best stew ever; I have been known to roast extra potatoes and make extra swede and carrot mash just for thickening and adding flavour to my stew. We had it earlier with fresh French bread dipped in and lashings of melty, yummy butter. It was heavenly.

I’m tired, and I’ve been having a difficult day but I’m happy. Hopefully I’ll sleep well tonight without nightmares and have long snuggly cuddles. Because that’s the best way to relax – in my comfy bed, warm, snuggled up, knowing I’m loved. Also, I have chocolate.