We didn’t do ‘the usual’ for fireworks night. We didn’t go out. We didn’t watch the local fireworks out of the window with the children cooing excitedly over the showers and sparks. Probably the most usual thing we did was to cook sausages and have them in buns. It was so warm here coats weren’t really needed when we did venture out to the garden and the baby was in his pjs and I wrapped him on my front and we were close enough to kiss. We cuddled and he held on to me so tight. He doesn’t like fireworks. He monkeyed on to me; big bangs scare him. They don’t scare the dog; he wanted to make ALL the barks at ALL the fireworks. 

We had a family firework evening. We bought sparklers. Lots of sparklers. We played with them in the garden and watched each other make fizzing circles and fiery lines in the air. 

We had bacon rolls and sausages in buns with lashings of butter and slatherings of ketchup. It was dripping and greasy but it was so good and so satisfying.

We played pass the parcel and listened to Queen. We had pound shop trinkets and sweeties, balloons and crayons and rubbers and puzzle books, pens and teddies and lollipops all layered up into these huge presents. Three presents to last a while and be unwrapped slowly and the penultimate was a brand new, just released, illustrated edition of Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone. We giggled and laughed and played and mucked about for hours. We had fun. We enjoyed our time together, there were no arguments, no bickering, no upset, just a big ole family getting along and making memories.

So we didn’t do the ‘usual’ fireworks business. We didn’t go to see a show or ooh and aah with thousands of other people at an event. We didn’t have a bonfire or burn a Guy. We didn’t have a barbecue or even baked potatoes. 

Because it’s not where you go, or even what you do. It’s who you’re with that matters. It’s the memories we make and take with us wherever we go. It’s about family and fun times. And my little fam has plenty of those.