…all of us. ALL of us. Every single one. 2 taxis worth. Well, 3 taxis really, but luckily there was a minibus. So 1 minibus, 1 taxi. The toddler, the 4 year old, the 6 year old, the 9 year old, the 14 year old (I have a 14 year old now, his birthday came after the chocolate yummy sugar pizza creation – along with its own cake, extra yum!) the 15 year old and friend who stayed lots while he was at high school but stays less now he’s attending college, the 16 year old. I was there too, but you already knew that. The Restaurant we went to was local, so thankfully the journey didn’t cost too much.

So we booked our table for 8 and asked for a highchair. They didn’t disappoint. We were shown to a marvellous round table/chair booth type thing, plenty of room for all the food and drinks and most of all, us. Not even any arguments over elbow room. Elbow room is cool. 

This was the first ‘proper’ family dinner we’ve been on together (in one sitting), ever. Ever. So it was an excitement, and a rowdy rabble we were. Our table was talkative and giggly and fun. We had food and drink and much nice cream. The toddler roared his way through the meal, interspersing his dinosaur roars with the odd ‘muuuuum’ and a few ‘where’s the baby’ giggly games of peekaboo. He was as happy a little chap as he ever is. Everyone had a fab time and we all enjoyed ourselves. What’s better than food and fun with great company? It’s certainly not special needs children being unable to sit still or keep their volume turned down. It’s really not… But I can’t say I minded. Several of the other diners may have, and judging by the looks we got they weren’t happy about it but you know. No complaints were made and the children had the best time ever; they want to do it again as soon as we can. Definitely a win. 


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