Ive been meaning to post up some of the easy peasy recipes we’ve been doing over the last few weeks and haven’t got round to it. So here you go.

First up, Chocolate chip pizza cookie. Or as I prefer to call it; sugary, chocolatey, yummy goodness that resembles a pizza only in its shape. 

I followed the recipe above very roughly – I don’t weigh ingredients and the first one I made of these I forgot half of the sugar so it was mostly biscuit! But the kids nommed it anyway and I made another the next day. So, mix, sieve, knead, and chuck it in the oven on a tray. When it’s done the edges will be a bit browned. After its cooled a bit and is still warm, NOT HOT! Cover it with chocolate spread and chocolate sweeties. I made sure to use extra choc chips as when they melt, a toothpick can be run through them to make pretty marble patterns. It tasted just as good as it looked!


Next, fish fingers, cucumber and potato salad (at the request of MayMay). 

Fish fingers and cucumber speak for themselves; cook one, chop the other. Don’t mix them up else you’ll end up with chopped fingers and cooked ‘umber.   

The potato salad is easy. For the smalls, who don’t like red onions, I boil up some salad potatoes and once soft (and I’ve drained the water) I mix them with mayonnaise, a dash of lemon juice and salt and pepper. I mix first and then cut the potatoes in half while they’re still in the pan; it makes for yummy crushed potatoes. If grown ups are eating too, chop some red onions in and chuck them in raw with the Mayo. Yum!

Easy spaghetti 

A tin of chopped tomatoes, pasta, some tomato purée and pre cooked/packaged/ready to eat cocktail sausages. Cook your spaghetti, heat your tomatoes and purée in a separate pan. Add seasoning and herbs and such if you like, I don’t because this is a sauce I know my smalls will eat. Its very sweet and quite tart. Once cooked, drain spaghetti, chuck sauce at it. Put all the sausages you gave in and stir. Served here with some yummy garlic and cheese bread.

And that’s it, at least for now. Other culinary delights that have fed the ravenous beasts these last couple of weeks include sandwiches, pizza tortillas (I have pictures of those for next time) crisps and cheese on toast. Also hamwiches and chicken dippers. This is the life, eh?