I recently read about someone – a mum – ‘having a morning’ when all her jobs, house jobs, mama jobs, work jobs got on top of her and she took the morning off. To just ‘be’. I rather like the idea of ‘having a …’ Admittedly, I think the morning off turned into an afternoon off because otherwise I should have to find a pair of judgey pants, put them on and judge away, because in mama land it has to be gone noon otherwise red wine is bad and completely unacceptable as anything more or less than an ingredient in a casserole. Or something. Also white wine, although one minute past 12 is fine. Pretty sure I heard that somewhere. No brown paper bags necessary. 

So, I had a ‘day’. I got up early as usual, woke and helped the three smalls dress, walked them to school, tidied and swept up, cleaned toddler boy up, gave him his breakfast, cleaned him up again, added a few bits to the blog, cleaned toddler boys mess up, had a lovely long call with my own mama, wiped toddler boys grotty bum, sorted out repairs for the bath, picked up the entire contents of the toy box from the floor and planned out some yummy looking muffin type pancakey cakey things – posted on Facebook by my lovely friend Sarah – for next time we have some fresh blueberries. I cleaned toddler boy again, took some toys upstairs for him to play with in bed, and while all was clean and tidy, put him to bed before the house realised and shook itself back to normality.  I then got changed and laid my butt down.

I wasn’t so much down as I was worn out. Obviously being down in general and worn out in specific is going to have an impact. So in retaliation, I had my day. I slept while my baby napped. Knowing his little self dreamed and slept soundly was relaxing enough, having hubby close to me sent me off to a most wonderful sleep in no time.

When I woke I was still down – but less.

So.. I woke. Clear minded. The Noodle picked the smalls up from school for me and once they got home their energy was infectious. I was filled with the need to do chores, get the house clean, tidy, washed, scrubbed. Everything was go go go! Dinner, school stuff, pj’s, sweeping, folding, sorting, chucking, putting away/out/on, Books tidied, shelves emptied, rearranged, organised… The never ending laundry to be washed/dried/folded/sorted/put away even got done. The laundry basket was empty for one blissful (fast) second. Phew. It was loud and busy and fun. The small ones didn’t get to bed until 8 and the older ones and I didn’t stop working until gone 9. It was a mad few hours – and apparently, that is the result of me ‘having a day’… A clear mind, a happy heart, a burst of energy and some serious working arms with which to push the dark away.

Not bad at all. I think I might have another day soon.


Picture from One Mother to Another