Feeding small people is a pain in the butt! Especially when they’re as fussy, mardy, picky, and just plain contrary as my lot. So, I do what I can. Tonight’s culinary delight was.. *drum roll please* cheesy pasta. 

Literally, cheesy pasta. Pasta with the cheese. Easiest tummy filling meal in the world, still leaves room for pudding. (If I haven’t scarfed it waiting the hour+ it takes a certain small person to eat a quarter of a bowl of anything).

So, to make, you need: 

Cheese, grated. Buy it pre-grated to make it even easier.

Spaghetti, uncooked. Buy the quick cook type if you want – I don’t want because yuk. 

Hot water. The kettle will boil water for you if you don’t want to faff boiling water on the hob. Kettles are good – if you don’t have a kettle, why are you even here?

A pan. 

Boil the water in the pan and put your spaghetti in. Cook until it’s done, or until you can squish it between two fingers with little to no effort. Drain it off, pour more boiled water over it if you want – I don’t do this because I don’t care if it’s sticky, and it takes longer. Dish it up in bowls using grippers or whatever the hell you like. Single spoons are as the name suggests. Awkward. Top with grated cheese. For the 2 year old I cut it up with two spoons so it’s less mess.. But mostly I’m done, finished..

Easy peasy huh? A culinary masterpiece in just minutes – and all my smalls will eat it by the bucket. Of course I won’t eat it – I hate pasta! 😁