Sometimes we all need a little bit of extra love. I’m lucky in that I get it when I ask for it.. And even when I don’t. 

My favourite little love surprise is scones. My most yummy dessert ever is buttery, fruit filled scones topped with homemade strawberry syrup, fresh whipped cream and strawberry slices. It is the most gorgeous way to stimulate your (my) tastebuds, ever with mouthwatering goodness. I’m not exaggerating. Brilliant as a comfort food, a little pick me up, or just a way of saying “hey you’re cool, wanna eat?” It really is a sublime little recipe.


Strawberries. A large handful will do, two slices out of each and the rest cored and put in a small saucepan.

Cream. Double, for whipping. You can cheat and buy extra thick cream but it’s not the same, it’s too heavy – personal preference on this one. A small pinch of sugar while whipping the cream gives it an edge.

Sultana scones. Or plain buttery scones, cherry scones, whatever floats your boat. My favourite are the sultana ones from the Co op


Get your pan with the strawberries in. Chuck in a good whirl of sugar (plain granulated will do but if using caster, make it a little less), enough to cover the strawberries and make a good syrup. Pop in some water too, not too much, enough to cover the sugar/fruit combination in order to boil it down. Pop it on over a medium heat;  keep stirring, once boiling turn the heat down and simmer until it’s a good consistency. Turn off the heat and wait to for it to cool. I usually make this sauce pretty thin; hubby makes it a bit thicker, but we both agree that the strawberries need to still be in some sort of shape – mushy is ok, but barely there is pointless. Again, that’s down to personal preference. If more direction is needed, or you want to figure out how to make it lump free, you can get an easy strawberry syrup recipe here.

While you’re waiting on the syrup to cool, cut your scones, add the cream. Don’t be shy with the cream now! Once the syrup is ready and just lukewarm, pour liberally all over your creamy-sconey-goodness. Top with a couple of slices of fresh strawberries. Serve with a smile because that’s what everyone does once they’ve tried them! It’s a little bit of love on a plate.