Yes, dinner for the children again. Well, I say children – I mean the 4 youngest. Well, I say dinner – I mean tea, in this case. The difference is purely personal, so don’t write that down.

Recipe – bits n’ bobs

Store bought cocktail sausages, ready cooked.

Store bought sausage rolls, also ready cooked. I prefer the large ones but if you want to live dangerously the small ones will be fine.

Store bought mini scotch eggs. Now these are sometimes called egg savouries or mini savouries or some such. They should really be called scrambled eggs in a sausage egg but y’know, they don’t pay me for my ideas so I won’t tell if you don’t.

Alphabet potato shapes. Obviously everything on this list is store bought, however these are the only part you have to actually cook. More like warm up and wait til crispy since there’s no mixing or weighing involved. Either way, they’re tasty and the kids like them so cook away!

Cheese. I cut off a massive chunk of cheese, and cubed it.

Open alphabet shapes. Cook. Place 5 on plate. Open all other packets and place, on plates, 5 cocktail sausages, 2 mini eggs, 1 large sausage roll, 5 blocks of cheese and any fruit or veg you may have sitting around. I didn’t have any in, so none for my babies today. Serve. It’s a nice easy tea and they like everything on the plates. No, none of them eat much and it can be a struggle trying to get anything down the girls necks. Boom boom had a bigger portion because he’s not fussy. Easy store bought tea? Win=win for me.

Pudding was a lovely lovely lovely bowl of nothing, with a side of juice and a banana.

My dinner, and the two older boys dinner has arrived in a rather fetching white bag. Yes, we got takeout again. No, I don’t regret a thing. Yes, I’ve been busy. Nope, not cooking, obviously.

Bet you can’t wait for tomorrow’s culinary delights!