Mental, mardy, but a little bit marvellous..


I had a good weekend. Not a special one, not a particularly great one (bar the company) just a good one – a solid weekend, especially when compared to recent experience. We went to visit pets at home and see the small furry animals and the fish, went to the park for a bit, shopping, just stuff. Solid weekendy stuff. It was pretty darn good. Mr Fantastic was here ALL WEEKEND and that made even the worst (kids, meltdowns, tantrums, fights) moments bearable. He seems to hold my smiles. 

I’ve noticed that my mum guilt has lessened. Although it’s increased when it comes to me being out of the house more and actually leaving the childers for some lengths of time in each other’s (or others) company, it’s lessened in regards to the holiday guilt I had last year. 

I don’t feel the drive to make it marvellous – I’m content for them to relax and have fun, in their own way, in their own time, with me or without, and just make the most of it without being hounded out the door to school every morning and forced to suffer the cruelty of other children or the indignity of not feeling good enough. It’s a good thing, to relax. And they need to learn how.



I been thinking today. My brain has been forcing stuff on me and kept me low today and it’s been a real struggle. I told my bump girls how its got. They understand me by now. We’ve been friends over 4 years; it’s unbelievable that we were just a group of randoms and this far on we’re firm friends. I appreciate them more than I have words to say.  Especially with the little monsters. 

Its 5 am, Abraham and Victoria are both up and running about screaming. I’ve not slept yet, as I went to bed (at midnight), Abraham woke up and that’s him for the night.

5:30am. Abe and Toria are both installed in front of the tv, on the couch, under blankets. My head hurts. I don’t know if I can physically stay awake much longer. I’m considering getting up and cleaning. As usual it looks like a bombs gone off in the house so I could probably manage it. Might keep me busy until those two sleep again at least. 

This post was going to be an exploration of potential triggers and instead I ended up moaning again. Truth is I don’t always know what triggers a down episode. I can feel the gradual slide into it but it’s so inexorable and unavoidable that it feels like there’s nothing I can do to actually stop it. And that’s weird because shouldn’t there be? I don’t know. 

AM thoughts. I hate them. Earlier I told mr Fantastic I didn’t like his wallpaper and I’m paying for it now. He knows I don’t like his ex. Should I not say these things? What if I stop? What if he just thinks I’m a negative nancy all the time and actually he starts to hate it the same as everyone else? Moaning myrtle, whinging Wendy, negative nancy. All names I’ve worn before. But he makes me positive there’s a future and I’m in it and he’s in it and we’re (both) alive and we’re happy because we’re together. I guess I need to get rid of the bad habits my brain has of second guessing and third thoughting and fourth thinking my every single little word or thought or action. 

How the hell do I do that?


Last week everything went purple. The light spots you see around things after looking at a bright light? Purple. Purple haloes around everything else. 

The week before it was green. Several times in the past few weeks it’s been yellow. 

Wherever I look is yellow and lights increase in size. They swell as I watch. The daylight is yellow and it makes everything else yellow. The artificial lights are yellow. Everything is yellow and shines so bright I have to close my eyes. Haloes. 

This morning I was hit with a headache with physical force. It punched into my head on one side, interrupting the conversation I was having. Twice. Then it refused to disappear – it was a pure, strong pain that only went once I took a pill that at that point I’d been 36 hours not taking. I think it makes such a difference. 

On the drive home down the motorway I noticed three pointy small trees shaped like rabbits ears. The back of the junction signs have ladders on them. The pattern of the crash barriers along the edges of the motorway make waffles. I saw 3 black cats. Two cars with blue headlamps. I was overtaken by a white car and then undertaken by an orange version of the same car. 

I kept forgetting to breathe. I wasn’t there, really. My hands were on the steering wheel so hard my knuckles were white. I didn’t go above 73 miles an hour. I couldn’t breathe.

That feeling stayed with me. I wasn’t in my body properly. I was at the back of my head, watching everything else, struggling to focus on the road, the driving, the breathing. 

Tonight I looked at Mr Fantastic until he fell asleep and then I watched him sleep until I felt sleepy. It looked like his face was shaking and I realised it was my me shaking free of my body. I held on to him and made to move; he woke up and he was right where I needed him, and there I was. Home again. 

Today is a tired day

I can’t seem to shake it. I’m so tired. I went shopping this morning and I’ve done all my chores and the big lads have done the garden and the smalls and I made marshmallow krispie cake and rocky road cake and mini rocky road cakes. We melted chocolate and made a mess and cleaned it up again. I bought stuff to make pancakes with but I haven’t made the batter yet although I may do in advance of making the actual pancakes. Everyone loves pancakes in my house. And that makes me smile, and hugely… but I’m tired.

I’m so tired. I slept pretty well and I had a great weekend but I’m headachey and body achey and feeling sore. I’ve spent the last hour laying on the couch cos am cold but I’m not warming up and now I’m thinking I might be off to Mr Fantastics this evening instead of being at home so I’m going to go make pancakes for the children now instead so they actually get some else I just won’t bother. So that’s me. Tired, but still going, still worrying, and still trying. 

Always trying to beat something. 


Now I got worry

It was a great weekend. Wonderful company, food, and freedom. What else could anyone ask for?

Maybe no crying when the rum kicked in and I couldn’t see my loves face in the darkness. Maybe no crazy crying because I love him so much and I’m frankly terrified he will get sick of me and leave. Maybe no wells of sadness because I had to leave him, as always. Maybe not actually being the most flatulent person in the room when things were getting very intimate… okay that one was funny but even so. Awkwaaaard. 

But he was so kind. As he always is. He held me and kissed me and talked to me and reassured me. So now I’m worried that he’ll leave because of that. Maybe he’ll leave because I’m crazy and I NEED all that reassurance and I’m clingy and needy and a bit crap. Maybe my crazy will make him run away screaming. Maybe it won’t. We will see. I’ll take him for as long as I can get, preferably until I’m old and dead. And then a bit longer. 

I’m worrying about my rent too. I’ve had a bad couple of months for money and it was late by a few days last month then today is the last day of the month and I could only make half… I’m paying the rest tomorrow and I’ve put off my bills but I don’t know. I’ve a feeling. The landlord text me this morning saying I need to pay because they’ve got mortgage repayments to meet today and although I paid the half and sent them proof I’ve had no reply. Call me paranoid but seriously worrying about it now. I have a dread in my stomach about it. 

I’ll pay this months next week even if it means we struggle because it needs doing. I need to lessen this money worry. Bills need to be paid. 

And a spider crawled over my pillow while I was laying on it and although I picked it up and put it outside now I have the spider fear and will be worrying they’re crawling on me or coming to get me all day long. I do not like the spider fear. 

Today will be a hard day, I can feel it in my bones. But I have no time to dwell or be kind to myself, I need to do cooking with the children and make their holidays happy. Fingers crossed I can. 

(Credit to Ellis @ Massive Phobia for the picture) 


Yesterday got so much better. I was so happy by the end of the night I thought I would burst. My head was literally shining on the inside, everywhere I looked bright lights and a halo of happy.

Mr Fantastic got his new job. Clever boy! I knew he would, how could anyone meet him and NOT be blown away? He’s the most likeable, friendly, charming, lovable, gorgeous man. I’m floored daily by the fact he has an EX WIFE and that she let him go. I’m glad she did mind, but what a silly, silly woman. She should have kept him and treated him like a king. He deserves no less. So. I’m loved up. And I’m happy. Like really happy. Like so happy I’m driving home smiling. My face hurts because I’ve spent all my time with him smiling. That’s what he does to me. He makes everything better, brighter, just.. more. He makes it all more. 

This morning.. maybe less happy. I woke up in a great mood, thanks to a rather lovely dream I was having (thanks Mr Fantastic for that one). And then… my cup of tea was too cold. I put too much milk in it. No biggie but not quite right. I started my jobs early. Tidy house. And then… Kids and tantrums and complications for the weekend. Real life brought me back with a bump. Jack has told me he hated me within 5 minutes of getting up, thrown the Hoover and several other things. Maya has the huff because she stole the laptop first thing and had been taken off it – again. Victoria had the huff because she has to wait to watch a film she wants to watch. And the big boys are sleeping. Abraham is fine so long as he can potter about.. so far. 

The weekend. Superdad is supposed to be taking the kids from Friday to Sunday like he usually does. But all week he’s been off about it. Not giving me any definite dates or times. Just saying no he probably can’t. It makes me think he just doesn’t want them. In fact I know he doesn’t want them he just doesn’t want to say so. It’s bugging me. I like to plan. I like to know what’s going on. And I can’t, because it’s Friday and I still don’t know how long the children are going for. I can’t even pack their things. It’s beyond ridiculous and is winding me up and up and up… as I suspect it’s supposed to. Because let’s be honest here, he knows exactly how I’ll react to everything and he knows precisely what to do to achieve maximum effect for minimum effort- and he’ll make the minimum effort for each and everything going. 

I hope today gets better. Of course it will but… faith. I need to have faith. 

Uh oh 

My head hurts. My tummy has been off since yesterday evening. A few of the smalls are slightly off colour too so I really want it to be that and not a physical manifestation of my head state. I just don’t feel well. And I don’t feel strong enough to fight myself either. Today I will exist until I see Mr Fantastic and then, then… I might get to feel better. I hope I do. I don’t want to sink. 

Unhappy zombie

Why can’t my brain be happy for me and leave me alone? Can’t it go eat itself and leave me alone?

The paranoia has started. It’s racking itself up to ten. It’s been low level all week, how I might be getting in the way of any alone time or perhaps he might just want to chill after work or maybe he’s fed up with the noise of the children, that sort of thing. I got presents for our 4 weeks of knowing each other, not sure he liked them, or I liked them or even if they were good presents. What if he hated them? I try to be thoughtful but what if it’s just weird and a bit rubbish? Paranoia is hovering, low level, around a 2-3. 

The children and I made a mess at Mr Fantastics house. Not purposely, mud from the garden on the carpet. Paranoia up to 4.

Then I found two live lice in my sons hair. So totally paranoid and up a few more.

Then when we were talking on whatsapp this evening things got a bit steamy then he was typing and… nothing came up. My brain says my text hasn’t been read so it couldn’t have been left open? He said he was drifting off but then it happened again.. I replied, he typey type typed.. nothing. Then a reply comes through and my message is read all at the same time and it’s literally the same second. So it totally makes sense doesn’t it and his phones ever so old and quite slow and… I know. But paranoia is all the way up to 10 now and running for the hills screaming and I’m too tired to deal with it. I tried not to be funny with him but I don’t know if I managed it. I’m not feeling well.

Why does my brain hate me? Why can’t it just let me be happy and secure and content in this lovely little bubble he and I have fallen into, this deliciously cosy, two person wonderland that makes all the things brighter than they are usually, that makes the world seem to want me in it, that makes me want to be a part of the world and of life and of normality and relationships and friendships and to get my shit together and plan and make plans with others and feel like it’s proper to do so because THERE WILL BE A TOMORROW and I will be in it? Why does it have to question everything? Why can it not just accept that someone might love me? And not have an agenda or an alternate reality to mine? That someone could love me and want me and actually be the person they seem to be and say they are? Why does it not accept that? What’s so wrong with me? 

I’m a sad face and my heart is cold. It aches to be in his arms and safe and loved and secure. And I’m on my own again. If you’re reading this, Mr Fantastic, then I’m sorry. This IS crazy. And I love you 💜


It feels like an age since I was here and it’s only been a few days (not even that) really. I have the guilts and feel like maybe I’ve been neglecting you guys here. 

Tia the foster dog left on Monday. That was so hard. I miss her. My cats all came and slept in the house that night for the first time since she got here.

Superdad is showing his true colours again, what a surprise.

Hmm. My head is so full I don’t know where to start even. My heart wants to burst. I’d like to shout from the rooftops but acrophobia and social anxiety.. funny huh.  

When I got into bed this evening (after being gone through the evening) jack cuddled right into me, like he had had an horrendous evening and he missed me even in his sleep. Beat that for feeling like a great mama – even in his sleep he wants me to make him feel safe. Big grin all round for that one.

The others were fast asleep. I’ve spent more time out the house and away from them and it’s showing in the rest of the time. 

Mr Fantastic described anxiety for him as having a head  full of bees. For me it’s a chest full. That resonated with me, that someone understands so completely how you feel. 

It’s been 4 weeks today since we met and it’s changed my life. It’s a month on Friday. I can’t quite believe it but I will. Oh I will. 

My house is much cleaner. I’ve moved stuff around and pulled up a carpet and generally made more effort and it shows. I hope this carries on. 

My head is clearer and the fog feels like even if it’s not gone completely that right now it’s a little way off so I can breathe and think and attempt normal things. 

I can breathe. 

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